About Us

Insiders Corp is an international, privately held corporation with offices in Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; Casablanca, Morocco; Manila, the Philippines; and Shenzhen, China.

We offer corporations and businesses a unique and comprehensive range of innovative expertise relating to product counterfeiting, private investigation, fraud, compliance, anti-corruption regulations, risk management and more. We specialise in curbing product counterfeiting.

One of our core business services is to assist companies in detecting and identifying sellers who offer products that contravene your brand's rights. Our international team specialises in providing sophisticated technology, field investigations, consulting services, and comprehensive risk assessments to our clients.

Insiders Corp prides itself on its excellent level of service, expertise and discretion. We are here to keep your company safe.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to protect our clients’ interests through effective and innovative strategies, maximum flexibility and the highest professional standards.

It is our ambition to be the acknowledged worldwide expert and preferred partner in enabling our clients to reduce violations in counterfeiting and intellectual property theft

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our clients while detecting, enforcing and reporting such violations.

We endeavor to be the leading provider of innovative and responsive services in the detection and curtailment of counterfeiting and IP infringements globally.