Our anti-counterfeiting unit was created in 2006, with primary operations based in Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France. Since 2006, Insiders Corp has developed unrivaled capabilities in the fight against counterfeiting. Unlike our competitors, we operate both online and offline. Our anti-counterfeiting team aggressively combats the sale of counterfeit goods and has an outstanding track record in this regard. We have designed proprietary software, which is operated by our in-house analysts in conjunction with our network of investigators located in more than 110 countries. Our highly trained specialists produce high value actionable intelligence that allows high volumes of in-depth online investigations and further offline investigation where required.

Our services include:

  • Detection: on multiple platforms - stand-alone website, social media platforms, dark web etc.
  • Selection: identifying, sorting and grading targets for enforcement
  • Removal: N&TD, UDRP, URS
  • Advanced online investigation: identifying rings and networks, tracing owners and facilitators
  • Negotiation: with marketplaces / ISP / GAFA in order to reach an agreement so platforms can implement filters
  • Test purchases: available anytime in more than 30 countries and on demand anywhere in the world
  • Field investigation

Our in-house lawyers and Intellectual Property specialists work and supervise our teams located in Casablanca, Morocco; Manila, The Philippines; and Shenzhen, China. Since 2006 we have quietly reshaped the industry by developing and implementing the first global, mass, semi-automated N&TD system. This system is operated by our teams of experts and does not require additional participation from clients.

It is currently the most up-to-date, fully flexible, global and effective system on the market. In addition, we have designed a global test purchase procedure that allows us to order online or offline and have packages delivered anywhere in the world. Ultimately, we have developed a network of partner private investigators in more than 110 countries, ensuring that we can see any investigation through to completion both online and offline worldwide.

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