Cyber-Criminal Investigations

Our team of cyber investigators go beyond the basic online search, to delve into the world of Digital fraud, cyber-crime and more broadly, any crime that contains a cyber-element. Whether that element was used as a medium (email communication, forged website, phishing…) or if the crime was essentially an online matter (intrusion, hack, etc..), our multidisciplinary team can help.

Our Team

Our experienced team act strategically and quickly to track down the individual(s) responsible and identify them through either purely technical means or through a direct undercover approach.

Global Network

Our extensive reach and our high-level connections and networks we have developed and cultivated in most countries, as well as our asset tracing capabilities allow us to make decisive findings when time is of the essence.

Experts in the Field

When working on these cases we often bring on IT experts, financial investigations specialist as well as a corporate intelligence expert who then liaise with the relevant countries field operatives.

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