The team at Insiders Corp has a wealth of experience in a wide range fields. We can investigate and advise clients on many aspects of Corruption Prevention, including – but not limited to:

  • Whistleblower Hotline Provider
  • Covert Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence
  • Audit
  • Further investigation

Whistleblower (WB) Hotline Provider:

Insiders Corp has developed unrivalled capabilities as a service provider in the provision, implementation, mentoring and investigation of Whistleblower Tips, and International Intelligence cases.

Having a high quality and fully functioning whistleblowers reporting channel, is essential to a company’s compliance and ethics programme. Having a Whistleblower Hotline (WBH) is important for several reasons:

  • Knowing & addressing internal issues – especially the relating to corruption in a timely and efficient manner
  • Gives employees & external stakeholders the opportunity to speak up securely and anonymously

Our WBH employs law experts and seasoned investigators who will immediately assess calls/emails to determine exactly what is being reported and whether an infringement has taken place of graft or anti-bribery regulations.

Our team then assesses the threat level to the client and outlines the next course of action – often further investigation with the whistleblower's assistance. Our experts will ensure the most relevant investigator is assigned to the case, depending on the nature of the whistleblower’s report.

We manage the entire service for our clients, providing a trusted, cost-effective way for an organisation to receive, process, and track reports of misconduct leaving internal management more time to investigate and take corrective action. This guarantees the best outcome and peace of mind for our clients. We are here to keep your company safe.

Covert Due Diligence (Stress Test):

A regular audit will only tell you so much since audited departments are told what will be audited, how and when. The Stress Test is a new approach when looking at how best to protect your company’s interests.

The Stress Test allows an organisation to understand how effective their compliance plan is, and how their professionals will react when confronted with an unlawful or unethical situation.

Working as a mystery client, our service provides not only an assessment of the actual threat level for a company but also to prove to the regulator (whether domestic or foreign) that every best effort was made to have an effective compliance programme in the company.

Due Diligence:

With a global network of investigators in more than 110 countries (including Iran, most of the Arabic world and Russia) our team can conduct the necessary due diligence to keep your business safe worldwide.

Whether KYC or supplier checking, our teams are trained to deliver information you can trust in difficult countries/areas. Insiders Corp is a fully licensed private investigation firm.

Most service providers will only deliver basic legal documentation checks (company house filing etc...). Our team go into the field and check how the company is run, by whom and if any red flags need to be reported. This includes company reputation, connections (corporate/shareholders/directors) with unwanted people/organisations or even work related problems.
Our service aims at fulfilling your Due Diligence legal requirements which is often just a very basic level of investigation - and exceeding that requirement to provide verified, actionable information you can rely on.


Is your Whistleblower hotline working as it should be?
Is your compliance program efficient?
Is your anti-bribery/fraud approach effective?
Is your company at risk?
Our team of experts and licensed investigators can assess your risk and deliver actionable information on any shortcomings, oversights etc. and how to remedy these. Our audits provide clear answers and concrete solutions that you can implement.

Further Investigation:

Sometimes a Stress Test, a Due Diligence or an audit raise issues or red flags that need to be investigated. Unlike most of our competitors, Insiders Corp is a fully licensed private investigation company and can continue the investigation after the initial findings. Whether fraud, bribery or personnel issues, our teams are fully trained to handle any corporate investigations.

We are here to keep your company safe.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist your company.

Global Investigation:

  • (Foreign Discovery / Asset Tracing / Asset Recovery)
  • Foreign Discovery
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Advanced Digital investigations
  • Cross border Field investigation