Asset Tracing & Recovery

Insiders Corp are Asset Tracing and Recovery experts. We have extensive experience and resources in the identifying, locating and recovery of assets worldwide.

Sophisticated and tech savvy criminals are increasingly finding and using new and complex ways to conceal the location and source of misappropriated assets. Our team of Asset Tracing and Recovery experts will work with you and your legal adviser and attempt to recover misappropriated funds, quickly and discretely.

From identifying assets, to locating illicit proceeds and profits, to overseeing and supporting litigation, to enforcement and recovery, our team works cross-jurisdictions to provide a full service to our clients.

We have a successful track record in:

  • Identification of land/property ownership.
  • Identification of relevant hidden asset vehicles and exposure of asset sheltering.
  • Identification of current and previous company/legal entities ownership / directorships / shareholders.
  • Identification of assets held in individuals’ names.
  • We can assist with the verification of prospective business partners, suppliers, customers or employees.
  • Identify the Legal ownership of companies / assets.
  • Identify the key management parties of companies / assets.
  • Identify all aspects of a company’s history - background, reputation and business track record.
  • Identify the reputation and integrity of the owners and the key management of the company.
  • Identify associated and affiliated entities of the owners and shareholders of the company.
  • Identify and collate a summary of the credit history and the latest financial results of the company.
  • Identify and collate a summary of recent press articles and other publications referring to the company, its key management and other associated and affiliated entities

Integrity due diligence can also be used for individuals.

Our Corporate Intelligence team devise effective strategies for tracing and recovery for each individual project and ensure that the project and client needs are managed by a specialist team member, ensuring that we can see any investigation through to completion both online and offline.

  • Bribery
  • Corruption
  • Money Laundering / Embezzlement
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Goods/Products
  • Liquid Assets
  • Fraud

We manage the entire service for our clients always ensuring the best outcome and peace of mind for our clients. Our global presence and our dual expertise of corporate intelligence and specialised investigation are highly valuable to clients investigation requests. Insiders Corp prides itself on its unequalled standards of service, expertise and discretion. We are licenced PSA investigators.

We are here to keep your company safe.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist your company.